Cleopatra Hospitality Group

Cleopatra Group proudly participates in the growth of our country. The contributions to this cause have led Cleopatra group to grow from 400 to 25,000 dedicated people. Over the years the group expanded its developments from manufacturing to agriculture, real estate, mega malls to hospitality industry.

With the diversifying of Cleopatra Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Egypt we strengthen the group presence in the world of “Luxury Hospitality.”

“We continue to explore new horizons and while our rich history of achievement has been the direct result of hard work, persistence and commitment, each and every member of Cleopatra Group has played a vital role in this development by always adhering to our core values and beliefs. So let us approach each new day, confident that we will be not only be here for the next couple of decades, but we will also be pioneering the way forward for generations to come.” Mr. Mohamed Abou El Enein Chairman Of Cleopatra Group

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